The sacrament of baptism is the rite of incorporation into the community and care of the Church. It symbolizes the promise of forgiveness that is ours through Jesus and reminds us that God’s love is a gift, freely offered to all who will receive it.

In the United Church of Christ, people are baptized either as children or as adults. At Pilgrim Faith, our ministers baptize by sprinkling water from the baptismal font.

When we baptize infants & small children, we emphasize that God’s love comes before any conscious response on our part. 

Parents who have their children baptized make a commitment to raise their child in the church and the Christian faith. The congregation offers its understanding and support to the child and promises to join the parents in showing God’s love for all.

If you are looking for a place to raise your child in the Christian faith, come talk with us. You are welcome at Pilgrim Faith, whatever your church affiliation or marital status.

When adults are baptized, we emphasize that faith also requires a response of commitment on the part of those who choose to be followers of Christ. 

Adult baptism follows a period of study and preparation to become a member of Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ.

Baptisms are performed on the second Sunday of most months during the congregation’s worship service. To schedule an appointment to discuss baptism with the pastor, contact the church office at 708-422-4200 or email;